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Ceramic Coating

Depending on the formulation, ceramic can withstand from 600 to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Exhaust pipes, manifolds and headers become hot, and the choices for coating are limited. Ceramic coatings withstand the extensive heat generated by these parts and can lower the temperature of the part. Most ceramic coatings are also smooth and reduce friction when used on engine parts such as pistons. By lowering operating temperature, it is possible to increase the amount of oxygen available to the engine, which can lead to increased performance.


Clean parts is key to proper coating finish. All parts need to be free of grease, bearings, wheel weights, bolts and seals from parts. This needs to be done before we receive the parts to be powder coated. All parts are media blasted with aluminum oxide to provide a better adhesion to the parts.


Our oven can accommodate up to a 4x6x8 part.



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